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Buy crypto online with fiat money through CHIPTOSS. Learn about wallet fees for fiat-to-crypto purchases, coins available, and how CHIPTOSS Wallet offers attractive rates on crypto trading.

excellent market price
The system dynamically monitors crypto prices across leading online exchanges allowing you to compare and choose a good rate for your transactions. Purchasing crypto with CHIPTOSS is always fair and transparent​


30% of CHIPTOSS HUB funds will be distributed to users according to loyalty groups. Each loyalty group reflects a percentage of CTOS tokens that will be received. Only CTOS held in the CHIPTOSS Wallet will be considered.

The more CTOS transactions, the more GGEX are used. Cashback is higher.


igaming offers the most popular live casino games through a completely realistic and thrilling gaming experience that recreates the atmosphere of a land-based casino while delivering all theadvantages of online play, such as quick and easy bets, detailed game statistics, complete betting history, sound effects and animation, and more.

We have developed the latest technology to provide operators with a complete omnichannel offering. From language to uniforms to trading styles, we offer you the opportunity to differentiate yourself by customizing and branding your game environment assets.

Operators can choose from one or more dedicated tables or fully dedicated environment setups. The product can be tailored to almost any requirement.


ChiptossPay is the industry’s #1 crypto processing solution that enables you to Accept, Store, Receive, Send and Exchange crypto payments.Chip tossPay is designed to fulfill all the crypto needs of Merchant and Enterprise clients with a range of benefits that are not available with traditional payment methods, such as low processing fees, real-time balance/transaction history, downloadable reports, secure checkout and much more.

05  DEX - GFi

Opening for the first time in the world.

Anonymity - No personal information is required to use most popular DEXs.​

Utility in the developing world: The peer-to-peer lending, speedy transactions, and anonymity made possible by DEXs have made them increasingly popular in developing economies — where solid banking infrastructure might not be available. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can trade via a DEX. 


What is Toss V Toss?
Welcome to TOSS V TOSS, the best peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace!

TOSS V The TOSS platform enables users around the world to communicate with each other and buy and sell cryptocurrencies. TOSS V TOSS is made up of a global community of governance.

When selling cryptocurrencies, you can choose the price and payment method you want. TOSS V TOSS gives you the freedom to shape the future of finance.
You can store your cryptocurrencies in a free wallet and transfer coins to another TOSS V TOSS wallet without any fees!

TOSS V TOSS is highly secure and strives to maintain an exceptional level of security through an escrow system and dedicated customer support team.

Access to the Platform may be restricted in some countries due to local regulations.

07  BANK

The perfect bank is waiting for you

It works exactly like a real bank.
Of course, it is processed quickly anywhere overseas, and it operates within safe and reliable legal regulations.
In addition, they are an indispensable element of the CHIPTOSS ecosystem and work together to create even more special features. You can look forward to the function of a bank that is developing.

08  GAME

Global Crypto Gambling PlatformChip toss.Game, a crypto gambling platform established in 2022. We believe that technology builds the future, and we have open source code and unique provably fair games. We are committed to building a global team. If you are a positive and innovative thinking person, we welcome you to join our team and work with us to build the best crypto casino together!





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