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Cookie Policy

CHIPTOSS Operators. Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy focuses on the use of cookies by the website and the processing of the data in which these cookies are involved.

CHIPTOSS Operators (hereinafter referred to as the “Administration”) use the cookies on the website

We use the term "cookies" in this Policy to refer to cookies, online identifiers and other similar technologies subject to data protection legislation relevant to the CHIPTOSS Operators.

Definition of  "Cookie"

Cookies are small blocks of data generated by web servers and stored by websites on a user's device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Each website and third-party service sends cookies to the browser installed on your device only if your browser allows you to do so. This is possible if you have not set any restrictions in your browser settings for saving cookies.

The Administration observes the right to privacy of visitors to the website and recognizes the importance of protection of their personal data. Analysis of website information is performed on an anonymous basis. Cookies enable the website to memorize your settings, save your email address previously entered on the website, memorize the website pages you visited before.

Our cookies

Technical cookie files
Use of additional functional cookies cannot be prohibited during visits to our website as they ensure its proper operation. Technical cookies include cookies collecting information about whether or not other cookies from our website may be used.

Session cookies and preference cookies
These cookies enable to access protected sections on our website, select and browse the goods or use the electronic payment system to pay for the goods. Such cookies expire at the end of the session. We can also use cookies which remain valid longer and are created to memorize your preferences and choices during the visit to our website. The term of validity of such cookies is no longer than a year.

Analytical cookies
We use web analytics tools for general-purpose analysis of website usage and collection of input data to improve our recommendations. Information received may be transferred on an anonymous basis to the web analytics server which is stored and processed there.

Web beacons
Web beacons are small graphic images (the so called "pixel tags" or "clean GIF") which can be positionedon our website and implemented in our services, apps, messages and tools. Web beacons can be used for various purposes, including estimation of the effectiveness of operation of our websites, monitoring of thenumber of buyers and the number of their visits to our websites, calculation of the part of actually sold goods from the total number of all views of a particular product, monitoring of the effectiveness of our advertising and calculation of the number of actually viewed pages, products and links.

How can the use of cookies be permitted or prohibited?

The majority of browsers automatically accept cookies. You can delete saved cookies on your device at any time. You can find further details in the manual on use of your browser or manufacturer's device. Please note that some browsers are automatically set to accept cookies and if you wish to cancel them, please change your settings. The site may work differently for you in the event of this change.

You can also prohibit all cookies or only some of them in your browser settings. Deleting cookie consent does not automatically delete cookies that have been stored on your device based on your previous consent. You will need to delete them for the specific browser you are using to access our website. The browsers may differ from each other, and therefore you can find more detailed information on settings of cookies in the "Help" section of your browser.

Please note that you won't be able to use some features, services, tools and apps on our website if cookies are turned off.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Cookie Policy or if you want to learn more about our cookies.

© Copyright 2023 CHIPTOSS.

Legal address ul. PIOTRKOWSKA, nr 116, lok. 52, miejsc. ŁÓDŹ, kod 90-006, poczta ŁÓDŹ, kraj POLSKA

Risk & Disclaimer

Documents posted at the website are available only in English. You acknowledge possessing a sufficient knowledge of the English language, 

at level necessary to understand the information  included  with the documents, and you fully understand the legal consequences of the documents. In case you do not understand or understand the English language poorly, you acknowledge that you shall use the services of a professional interpreter, prior to agreeing to the relevant terms included within the documents. If you do not agree with any of the above statements and/or documents, please leave this website immediately. Continuation of your usage of our website confirms your agreement with the above statements and documents.Investments are subject to risks such as capital loss, illiquidity, lack of dividends, and dilution and should be undertaken only as part of a diversified portfolio. Lose risk warning before investing. Only investors who understand these risks should invest. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may change in the future.Chiptoss related tokens do not make investment  recommendations to you. Any communication of Chiptoss Tokens through this website or other media should not be construed as an investment  recommendation. In addition, nothing on this website constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy securities to any person in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be illegal. Chiptoss Token does not provide legal, financial or tax advice of any kind. If you have any questions regarding any legal, financial or tax matters relating to your interaction with Chiptoss Tokens, you should consult your country's professional legal counsel. Chiptoss Tokens will not be liable for any capital loss, illiquidity, lack of dividends, etc. for your token purchases. See Legal information & disclaimers. 



The Chiptoss word and logo are registered EU trademarks (registration numbers pending trademark application). Chiptoss is a joint venture (agreement) consisting of several legal and natural persons (collectively Chiptoss) with the main objective of combining marketing and other efforts to better serve potential customers and contribute to the development of the global blockchain and fintech sector. partnership). The products and services described on this website may be provided by the Company or its affiliates and agents subject to local regulations and agreements with certain parties. If you are interested in a specific service, please contact our Operation Team for details on the exact legal entity and each licensee (other entitlements).




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